SB Bust BaseMesh

Sebastian Barz
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SB BaseMesh for Busts

This is a BaseMesh with clean geometry ( Head, Eyes, Teeth and Tounge) made by me for the creation of busts.

This package includes the following files SB_Head, Eyes, TeethandTounge in different file formats:

*** Contents ***

ZTL with 2 subdivision levels + polygroups (Zbrush4R8)

OBJ with and without polygroups (2 subdivision levels)

LXO Modo at real world scale (1/10)

Maya 2016 (mb/ma)

All objects have proper UVs, so you can start sculpting right away.

For Commercial and Private Use.

Have fun with the SB BaseMesh !

Sebastian Barz

If you have issues with the files contact me at :

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